Friday, February 25, 2011

How Democracy has become a tool in the hands of RIGHT wing ideologists?

In pure philosophic term, what we have as democracy today does not qualify to be called  a true political system of the people, by them and for them, because in its root spirit, it  is a plain competition among professional groups and political parties for capturing the THRONE. Their goal is to enjoy its proverbial goodies, especially its Kings time like POLITICAL POWER.

The old myth of the ' power and authority' centered government, that was fit only for the times of Kings and foreign invaders has not changed to suit a true government of the EQUALS during the transition time to Democracy. Hence the only reason why we should call the present system a democracy is that, the game is now played by our own species of people! The spirit of the ruler and the ruled, or the paraphernalia of the old governance system has not changed at all ! 

Democracy also has become a clandestine war between the only two sects in the world from time immemorial, between whom all the conflicts in the world can be classified into, ie. the ones who think that it is the prerogative of the strongest and the smartest to keep the less strong and the less smart under control, and in the opposite camp, the ones who are destined to be the victims of this mindset,ie. the less strong and the less smart in society !

 This is the RIGHTIST MINDSET of men, the leading ideology in the world

It is passively taught in schools in the form of inducement to become leaders of men, and in management schools as smart techniques to get subordinates under control in order to take maximum work output from them, and in country governance - as smart strategies to keep the citizens duly subdued, fed with NOBLE LIES etc. 

Politics has become the plain art of practicability, as to how to access the proverbial THRONE of the old RULERS, using any available methodology or ideology so that multitudes of men can be brought under legitimized control !

It is this old conflict that is in play in democracy too, as its reigns have been smartly abducted by the former camp, after finding the great ideal a very convenient means to play their game with some element of legitimacy. The drama of election, the only symbol that is projected as the sole centre and crux of democracy by its abusers, is helping them to claim such legitimacy. When such legitimacy is achieved in the route of elections, and once the THRONE is secured under control, people’s name is used as mere symbols on their flags, to continue the deception.

What happened to our democracy is in line with many other popular institutions in the world today, including, unfortunately, that of media too ! Human society is still in the grip of the RIGHTIST ideology, a mindset that is a sure remnant of the old jungle legacy of mankind. Hence, changes have become impossible without revolutions of some sort to free the human spirit from the grip of these block.

No philosophy of life is seen in the immediate sight in the world to counter this mindset of the majority population. Communists attempted one, but they also did not have anybody free of this old mindset in their camp who could set the laws of the society straight - - the ones who got into the throne, immediately started acting like their past masters  whom they had once wanted to annihilate !

 A new philosophy that could urge people to discard their inborn jungle desire to keep their fellowmen under control and oppression is the need of the day. Our children have to learn from schools that keeping the other men under control in the name of any social or political institution is not in good taste, or fit for healthy future societies. A true democracy can born only in such future societies !

Abraham J.Palakudy

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