Monday, March 14, 2011

The self contradiction in government's traditional authority over its citizens, and its constitution that guarantees them freedom, liberty and dignity of self. 

The myth of the authority and power of governments over its citizens is as old as males' supremacy over females.When man's sense of reason attained maturity, the latter myth has been dissolved, and men and women were declared equal before law. But the former myth remains intact even now, despite the emergence of Democratic ideals that declare democracy a political system of equal human beings. In democracy,people sit together, discuss, and form a constitution that primarily meant for restricting the government itself, (of equal people) from using the traditional power of such governments over the member citizens who are equal participants in the governing process.

Coercive states were the sole threat  for man's freedom,liberty and dignity of self in olden times, hence having democracy without taking away these traditional authority and power that states enjoyed for time immemorial  was plainly self-contradictory !  Insisting that a state wielding power should NOT to use it, is like insisting  a predatory animal to NOT hunt for its prey ! Power is an energy habituated for violating the rights of others, and it is satiated only when  it is put to use in the act of suppression and oppression.

Hence, having a state  with pious Democratic labels attached to it, and at the same time bestowing at its disposal coercive state powers was an arrangement of plain self-contradiction.Our modern day democratic states plainly suffer from this self-contradiction.

The chief reason for this pitiful self- deception seems to be the mistaken belief that Democracy should mean only running of the old state machinery by members of the 'species of  people'. The strict NO-NO was only  for any one from the species of Kings,Royals, or foreign rulers - the old oppressive class.  It was wrongly concluded that when some one like them, (the people) from their own midst  run the state machinery, such governments will not use the traditional governmental authority and power over its people. It will naturally be a government based on collective Reason and wisdom of the citizens! 

No one thought of the inherent self-contradiction in it, as depicted above. How can an old  convention suddenly change its colour without altering the very motivational energy involved in its running ? The crux of the problem was the FUEL that had run the traditional states, ie. its power and authority over its people. This fuel of coercion was the one singular item that was supposed to be replaced with universal human reason and wisdom, for running the government of EQUAL CITIZENS.

Men's collective wisdom failed to recognize that a sharp knife will cut and injure even if it does not intend to do so,because it is the inherent nature and purpose of a knife !

Hence, today's democracies live mostly on deceptive rhetoric to maintain its pious image, concealing its old interior anti-people and anti-liberal energies. Mankind is yet to invent a governmental system that could work on non-coercive methods fit for EQUAL CITIZENS. Such a government only would deserve to be called truly democratic. What we celebrate in the name of democracy today is only a self-deception in the name of the great ideal.  

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